Blogger Event: Asuka Japanese Steak House & Sushi

Blogger Event: Asuka Japanese Steak House & Sushi

On Thursday 27th June 2019, Myself and some other amazing Kentucky Blogger girls were invited to the opening of Asuka Japanese Steak House & Sushi‘s new location on Brannon Crossing.

The event was organized and coordinated by Miranda Stewart of Sass in the bluegrass. She is an amazing Lifestyle blogger and Events Planner like myself!

The restaurant itself was absolutely beautiful. They have a bar, booth seating and hightop seating. Their menu includes all sorts of amazing dishes. They have appetizers, sushi, hibachi and so much more. My favorite on this particular trip was the wings and sushi. They also have a wide selection of wine which is always a plus for me.

Asuka grill is open Monday through Sunday and they offer a lot of deals throughout the week. Make sure you check out their website and/or social media before you go to get the best deals. I am definitely going back again soon because this place is to die for and my love for Asian food is unmatched!

All the pictures shared below were taken by Andrea Burnside and the cookies were made by Sissy’s Cooks It Up. Check out my Instagram post about this event here.

Have you ever been to Asuka Grill before? Will you be interested in going after this post? Let me know in the comments below!

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  1. So great to have yummy sushi available close by!!!

    1. Oh definitely! SOOOO delicious!

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