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Aishadaobi is a Lifestyle blog by Aisha Nwandu. Launched in October 2018, this blog follows my journey as a 20-something year old black, muslim, immigrant woman. It focuses on my life and style, career, and faith, as I learn a new truth about life everyday.

Blogging has always been something I have wanted to do because of how much I love to write. I actually started a couple of blogs in the past but I was not confident enough in myself and I did not have the patience to nurture a blog. I would easily get frustrated about the lack of views, comments and shares on the blog. I was too afraid to completely be open and genuine and present myself as I am. 

I just did not think I had anything important to say that anyone will care about, plus my writing skills are not the best either. But, I recently learned that I am not writing for the whole world, I am writing for me and for people like me. I am writing my truth.

There are over 7 billion people in the world and if only one person comes across my blog and leaves with a full heart, then I am completely content. I also learned that I need to be writing for a target audience which i went into more details about here.

So, if you are a coffee drinking, extra cautious, obsessed planner, journal writing young woman like myself, going through life and finding herself, i think you will find your home here. 

Enjoy! and do not forget to subscribe, comment on posts that speak to you, share, connect with me on social media (I AM ON EVERYTHING HAHA) and Contact me here if you want to collaborate, have any questions or just want to say HI!

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Aisha N.


This is a personal blog written and edited by Aisha Nwandu. All views and opinions are my own unless stated otherwise. All images and graphics are taken and designed by me, for use on Aishadaobi. All images, photographs, graphics and written content etc are property of Aishadaobi unless stated otherwise. Any images, photographs, graphics or any other content used on this blog that does not belong to Aishadaobi will be appropriately credited. I am not endorsed, nor am I affiliated with any of the companies mentioned on Aishadaobi unless stated otherwise. All products mentioned on Aishadaobi are purchased with my own money unless otherwise noted.  

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